1. Tips for your in home lifestyle session 

For most people, the thought of bathing and dressing multiple humans, especially very tiny, wiggly, messy ones, for a photo is daunting enough, but then throw in the idea that your house needs to be clean, too? Try to focus on 1-3 rooms or areas of the house to tidy but not so spick and span that your little ones don’t recognise it as home. The important thing is not to stress. I won’t judge the bulging closet or the avalanche of toys hidden in the corner, I have little people too! When I arrive at a new home I ask for a quick tour of the areas you would be comfortable with me using and will asses the light and background as we go.

The more relaxed your little ones are, the better your images will be. We may play games, I may ask them to show me their favourite teddy bear, to give it a hug, to jump higher on the bed etc. Relax and enjoy the session and they will too. My goal is to capture the genuine and real moments in your home. 


2. Set it up

If you’re having a hard time accepting your house as a backdrop for photos, set up a favorite activity such as baking, playing in the sprinklers or a pillow fight. Allow yourself the joy of truly playing together without the pressure to document the fun yourself. I will capture these moments and relaxed moneys of you bathing or feeding baby. Riding a story on the couch, snuggling on the bed etc.



3. Dress Right 

Let your everyday wardrobe and activity of choice influence your outfits for the photo session. If you’ll be jumping on the bed, opt for a more casual attire rather than your Sunday best. I recommend dressing Mum first, (in something comfortable that makes you feel confident), then the kids (coordinating but not matchy-matchy), and lastly Dad. Try to steer away from large graphics or words that can be distracting but don’t be afraid of prints and patterns. For littles, make sure their clothes fit well and snug. For more info see my style guide here http://sarahwarryphotography.com.au/what-to-wear-style-guide/



4. Have Fun

Most importantly, ember to have fun! These images will serve as lovely reminders to slow down and enjoy the smallest things in life.