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What to Wear for your outdoor session

Your family, newborn or branding session is all about you! It's about your vibe, your family and your own unique personalities.



Colour is great! Black and black and bright whites can detract from you or the children and the focus will be on the whites, instead choose greys or creams if going for a neutral palette with pops of colour like mustard, red, blue or orange. Please don't be afraid of colour!

Spots, stripes and plaids together with block colours can work really well, they provide interest and texture. Layers are your friend! They add interest, texture and variety. This can be tricky in our hot summers, but jewellery can easily be layered to add interest in summer instead of a heavier layer. Scarves, vest, kimonos, boots with knee socks, cardigans, jackets etc all work wonders for children. Please make sure your kids are happy in what they are wearing, they want to be comfortable and happy during the session.

Choose two or three colours to run through the family to tie them in together but please do not have everyone in matching outfits, such as everyone wearing white t-shirts. It's usually easier to start with an outfit for mum and build from there for everyone else. Use colour and to show your personality in your outfits as this will shine through in your images. Choose colours that suit your skin tone and don't make you look washed out. Contrast is your friend, you want to pop from the background, so if you have chosen a green park or forest for your shoot, avoid lots of green in your outfits.


Mix it up! Pants on dad, a dress on your daughter and a skirt on mum. Boys can wear a mix of polos, tees or button up shirts. Accessories such as braces, vests and cute hats look super cute on little men.

Mix your patterns and textures to create interest.

Avoid cartoons, name brands, slogans, logos and licensed clothing such as Disney, Cars etc. These types of outfits will detract from your face and your children's faces. The eye will instead be drawn to the large logos on their clothes and you want the focus to to be on their gorgeous faces. Avoid looking too casual, go for smart casual or lounge wear instead. Things like dress shorts and a nice tee or button up shirt for men, maxi dresses, skirts or skinny jeans with a funky top, jacket and fun accessories for women and you cannot go wrong.



Shoes and footwear are very important. If we are on the beach or with very young children we often opt for bare feet. If you are wearing shoes please ensure that they are clean and go with your outfit. 

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Lastly, choose things that you feel great in too! Think an outfit you might go out to a Sunday lunch in, or a visit to the theatre or movies. Clothes that you love, but are comfortable and fun.

Please feel free to message me with your outfit choices and any questions and we can work together to chose the right outfits for your session. 

I also offer a hire service through https://mamarentals.com.au if mum is after something a little special to wear to her session. This company offers Spell, Coven and Co & Fillyboo dresses for hire for your family, maternity or newborn session. They have an amazing range of high end dresses avail fro hire and you receive a special discount through me as one of their preferred photographers. Please contact me for more information about this.


Some of my favourite places to shop for funky, stylish but affordable clothing are:

www.next.com.au (will delver free to Australia within 3 to 5 working days, amazing quality affordable, funky clothes for kids and adults).

www.arabellaandrode.com.au (gorgeous vinage style clothing for clothes at affordable prices)

www.birdsnest.com.au (great for mums)







What to wear for you Newborn session

For newborn sessions, comfort is key! Remember you have just had a baby!

Jersey is brilliant for new mums, its comfortable and flattering, avoid scratch and unforgiving fabrics the will get uncomfortable quickly. Maxi skirts and dresses are again a great option, however,  comfy 'jeggings,' or leggings with a funky shirt dress, long shirt, short dress look fab. Leggings and leggings are amazing for layering and layers look amazing in photos. Go for prints, solids, patterns, whatever represents you and makes you feel happy.

Softer colours work best in lifestyle sessions rather than the bold & bright colours which work best outdoors. Softer colours tend to look better as they don't overpower you or the baby in your arms. However, this doesn't mean you have to stick to neutrals. Pastel colours work really well, colours such as mint, pink, baby blue, peach, coral, soft green, aqua etc are all beautiful . Ensure you choose colours that suit you and don't make you look washed out. Avoid clothing with too much black, too much white, neon colours, logos, brands, cartoons etc. The focus is about you and the baby and these items detract from the image, so it's best to avoid clothing like this.

Bare feet are generally the way to go at home, but if you want to wear shoes then thats fine too! Make sure they are clean and in good condition. Keep a pair handy if you gp bare foot in case we pop into your garden or backyard for some shots too.

Keeping you makeup simple is best,  but wearing some blush, lip gloss and mascara gives you colour and helps you look refreshed in your photos.

Please feel free to message with questions or even photos of your outfit(s) for help if you need.

Lastly, don't stress or worry about your outfit. My aim is capture those beautiful first family moments in your home of you and your bub and ultimately that is all that matters..