Cook Family Session - Bribie Island


Fun Personal Business Branding Photography Session - Bribie Island

Emily contacted me back in December and said that she wanted some new images for her business, social pages and website. We decided to wait and book the session in January after the Christmas rush. Emily wanted a photographer that would capture personality, her bubbbliness, her warmth and her caring side. She did not want stiff or awkward headshots against a white backdrop, the beach is her favourite place and so Bribie became our location for the shoot. Emily is a divorce coach and works with women over marriage and relationship break ups and needed images that would make her look approachable and friendly, yet still get her personality across. Your branding images are often your first point of contact for potential clients, it is so important that you attract the right clients and great branding images can do just that.

During the session we had a misbehaving bike, a bush fire, balloons that wouldn't come to the party, champagne that popped too early, a gorgeous dress that insisted on carrying half the beach and forest with it and a multitude of other things go on, but we had lots of fun and we captured the true Emily. Images that Emily can now use for her business. Selfies just don't quite capture the essence of a whole person and a personal branding shoot might be just what your business needs.

The Spit Family Session - Gold Coast

A beautiful warm summer afternoon and a stunning sunset.

_DSC6546 copy.jpg

Shorncliffe Family Session - North Brisbane Photographer

There are so many stunning locations in Brisbane and when Alina asked to have her shoot at gorgeous Shorncliffe, well that made me pretty happy! Check out their beautiful session below.


They asked for fun, casual images of them all just hanging out and doing their thing. Images that represented their story and their little family.

We went digging for crabs, played in the sand, paddles in the water and went exploring in the rock pools, which is every little two year olds idea of a great afternoon.

We finished off the session enjoying the gorgeous sunset that Shorncliffe has to offer.

The Plastow Family - North Lakes Family Photographer

The Plastow family and I met on a winter Sunday afternoon. They'd recently bought the session I had donated towards a local family in need. They brought along their two gorgeous little girls Ivy (3) and Vivienne (3 months). Ivy wasn't quite sure at first, but she soon warmed up when she realised just how much she was going to have. She was an absolute star and I am a bit in love with the images from this colourful North Brisbane session.

This gorgeous little North lakes spot has lots of little pockets of perfect places to photograph in, there is always something in flower, there is a little creek, a lake, some large logs for sitting and climbing on and some great areas of bush and vegetation to use.

The grey skies and chilly winter air didn't stop us from having lots of fun and creating beautiful memories.

Laughter, colour and love were abundant in this beautiful session.

The O' Brien Family - Bribie Island Family Photographer

'At the beach, life is different. Time doesn't move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides and follow the sun.' Sandy Gingras



When Ashley contacted me she asked if she could incorporate a cake smash into their family session. I said 'of course,' what a great way to celebrate your little mans first birthday. And so we did...

And even though the balloon didn't even make it past the front door of the car choosing instead to head skyward, the cake looked amazing on its own. Ashley is one clever lady.

Winter fun, barefoot, sandy toes, giggles, wrestles, cuddles and snuggles summed up this loving family.


This mum and dad wanted photos to represent them just as they are and I think these images show who are they perfectly. 

Bribie Island is the perfect backdrop for beach loving families, allowing your little explorers to have fun and just be...

It doesn't matter where you go in life, as long as you go to the beach.

The Davies Family - North Lakes Family Photographer

Family - together we have it all.

DSC_8992 copy.jpg

This family were so much fun! They brought along their gorgeous pup Maddie who is now ten and not doing so well these days. This shoot was particularly important for them because of the relationship between Maddie and their son and Maddie's declining health. I am so glad that we were able to freeze these beautiful memories forever for this gorgeous little family.

I love shooting in this location. It has such beautiful light and such deep, rich colours. These guys nailed their outfits and the red looks amazing against the bush backdrop.

We hung out, played some games, chatted and made some beautiful memories. 

DSC_9447 copy.jpg

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” Josh Billings

Thank you for sharing your story with me.

Why should I have a have family photo session?

We often  think about getting family photos done, we may even do some quick research on family photographers in our area, ask for a referral from friends, trawl through Facebook or Instagram and then put the idea aside. We wait for a better time, life gets in the way, weekends are booked up, we think we should lose that extra 5kg, get that haircut, wait for that milestone birthday, get that new vacuum first etc.

Family photography is often seen as a 'luxury,' something that you spend money on when you have some extra cash floating around. I beg to differ, in fact it should be at the forefront of our to do list.  Time moves fast, faster than we would like to admit. We often think we have time, but before we know it another year has passed and our children are another year older.

If we all look at our homes how many gadgets and devices do we have? iPads, iPhones, tablets, watch,  tv, laptop? Whilst all these things give us joy, are they here to stay? Technology is ever changing and before long we will need to replace them with the newest and latest gadget, which we often do without a second thought. We deem these expenses as important, but they don't last forever. Yet your family images do, when your little ones have moved out and have families of their own, your images  will be still be there.

You will never be as young as you are again right now, your toddlers, children or teenagers will be a day older tomorrow, a little taller, a little wiser, a little changed. They will never be as little as they are right now. 

I have three of my own little boys. My oldest recently turned six and I am not sure where those years have gone. All of a sudden, he is six and in Prep, he's not home with me each day anymore, I will never have that time with him again. But I have photos to look back on and they bring back the memory associated with it. Those photos are my link to his babyhood, toddlerhood and early childhood. They will also become his link to those moments too.

Why a professional session? First and foremost, because it puts you in the frame with your children. We are lucky today, in that photos are much more accessible to us, a quick snap on an iPhone and we have frozen that moment forever, but often we aren't in these, we take them but are rarely in the frame with our kids. In a professional session you are there with them. Your children do not care if you haven't had that haircut or haven't lost that 5kg. They only care that they can look at beautiful photos of you all together. That they see the joy they bring you, that those smiles and laughter, cuddles and love are all for them.

How many of your children look at old photos of you when you were little? I know my boys love looking at old photos of me. They often ask their Poppy to get the old albums out and he talks with them about each of the photos. They love looking at our wedding photos on the wall and they delight in the photos of themselves on the wall too. They treasure these and they will treasure them even more as adults, once they have their own children. These photos aren't just for you, they are for your children and one day their children.

A professional photographer will capture you all loving on each other, laughing, giggling, the cuddles, the secret whispers, the cheeky looks, the tickles, the fun. A professional will guide you throughout your shoot, never leaving you floundering, but doing so in a way that will capture those beautiful genuine moments, the real smiles and the real moments between you all. I shoot lifestyle photography and at its core, it is about telling your story as a family. I am a storyteller, I love what I do, I take immense pride in my work and I work hard to produce the most beautiful photos for you to treasure, I know just how important these are. A professional knows how to use light and shadow, how to capture the right moment at just the right time, how to create beautiful and unique wall art or products for you, how to get your family to interact, be natural in front of the camera and be yourselves.

For less than the cost of an iPad or iPhone you can have your beautiful family photos as your legacy and something that you can all look at, look back on, share in the future and treasure forever. Your family photos are your legacy and your children's, they will bring joy to you now and continue to do so in the future.